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Meet the owner of
Heart & Soul Aromas LLC

My name is Nick Holmes-McGowan, I am the founder and CEO of H&SA. I am truly excited about this new adventure that I have begun to take with creating a black owned Essential Home Fragrance Product Company. I never expected to one day have started a company of my own, but life takes us in directions we never intended to travel. I want Heart & Soul Aromas to be everything you could possibly imagine from a fragrance product company. From candles, soap, lotions, body butter, perfume, cologne and more. We want to be able to eventually offer all these products to you. I hope you are ready to take this journey with myself, and everyone here at H&SA! Thank You for your support, have an amazing day and remember....


"You are amazing, your dreams are never to big, and only you determine your future!"

-Nick Holmes-McGowan

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